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The Complete Aromatherapy & Essential Oils Handbook

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Aromatherapy is a method of employing essential oils to protect, heal and beautify.

Essential oils are described as the "life force" or "essence" of plants. The most wonderful thing about essential oils is that they are available to everyone, and they are very simple to use once the basic concepts are understood and the appropriate methods and procedures are observed.

The best known way to use essential oils is through massage. In this comprehensive book there are many, many more ways to use the oils for everything from arthritis and asthma to high blood pressure and constipation. Essential oils are now emerging as scientifically proven and accepted remedies for a variety of common conditions. The why and how certain oils heal still remains somewhat mysterious. Oils can help to treat everyday ailments, whether it be strengthening the immune system, fighting bacteria and viruses, and lowering stress levels to toning, relaxing and strengthening muscles. These oils help the body heal itself.

This book features 109 oils and 450 remedies. The recipes are easy to follow, do not take a long time to make, and are quite inexpensive -- the biggest cost is the oils. The oils are organized in an A to Z format, and each entry features the botanical name, a full description of how and why the oil is extracted as well as its therapeutic uses.

Angelica for example has a sweet, rich smell, is excellent in all skin care preparations both as a tonic and to soften and smooth rough, dry skin. It reduces inflammation and can be useful when applied to irritated skin. As a massage oil it purifies the body and acts as a lymphatic stimulator, draining the body of excess fluid, increasing energy and generally quickening the functioning of glands. It's also an excellent tonic for the entire digestive system as it strengthens the liver, stimulates appetite, aids digestion and generally boosts the whole digestive system.

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The BEST aromatherapy book to begin safely and effectively using essential oils in your everyday life!

As a clinical aromatherapist and herbal/essential oil educator, I am often asked, "what would be the *one* book you would recommend to set someone up for success in working with essential oils?" THIS IS THAT BOOK.

Nerys and Lora have provided a comprehensive volume with both breadth and depth. Their book:

- empowers you to work safely and effectively
- speaks to a wide variety of essential oils
- provides detailed information for unique contraindications
- outlines safe blending practices
- includes information on blending for babies and children
- offers invaluable base recipes and insight into carrier oils, hydrosols, and infused oils, and
- provides a HOST thoughtful remedies and recipes for personal care, wellness, and the home

With a user-friendly layout and helpful, thoughtful tone, the book is relevant and useful for both aromatherapy beginners and experienced blenders. Tips and cautions are provided in the margin and helpful reminders, "links", and resources are provided throughout the book. Compelling information for each oil, including subtle energetics, is provided in a master list of essential oils. Relevant oils for individual concerns are also conveniently included where you want them most--right below the concern you seek to address! The recipes provided leverage the broad spectrum of essential oils outlined, but most do not require you to have dozens of oils on hand to craft them; handy substitutions are also provided for those who may not have a particular oil on hand.

If you are eager to begin crafting your own aromatherapy products for the benefit of your family's wellness, this book provides a thoughtful, up-to-date, and comprehensive way to begin safely working with essential oils to address your concerns and improve your quality of life. Even if you are an experienced blender, the book provides many useful tips and fresh insights--I can't recommend it highly enough!

What the reviews say...

Unbiased, Complete, Practical, Researched, and Safety-Driven

This is THE book if you are looking for a reference that is plain, but thorough, offers practical information about the oils, and details how to use them safety to aid health and beauty. It discusses safety without scare tactics. It's completely unbiased and well-researched. My biggest issue with EOs is the unfounded claims and yo-yo-ing safety statements. For example, I'm nursing and wasn't aware I shouldn't use peppermint oil until I read it on a site dedicated to safety. I was overwhelmed with this feeling of not knowing who to trust. With other books, I felt I had to research every recipe and make notes about which were safe for nursing, which were safe for kids, and insert notes about which brands might be comparable. I trust research. I trust sources that cite that research. This book has that. Throughout its 480 pages, I have found trustworthy advice that I can use immediately as well as information I can use later. There are references to further my independent research. It's well-organized so I can find my information quickly. Bottom line: it's THE book you want to feel empowered that you are using these healing oils to safely maximize their full benefits :)

Fabulous resource!

I have a library of aromatherapy books and this is one of my favorites. It's very thorough and user friendly. Whether you're a novice or an experienced and educated aromatherapist this book will be one you will find yourself reaching for again and again. It includes essential oil profiles, safe recipes for treating common physical and emotional ailments, and recipes for things like shampoo and deodorant. I think every "do it yourself" household, trying to provide a more natural environment would benefit from adding this book to your home resource library.

The best designed book on aromatherapy

Incredibly helpful for a beginner like me. Excellent information on oils without being overwhelming

Excellent reference for essential oils

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